How long has it been since I updated? Long enough that my page almost expired. Dearie me. Well, plenty has been happening! My short story collection, Kaleido Tales, is in its final stages of pre-production. It will include ten stories--one never before seen--along with papercut illustrations. The first book of Echomancer is out to beta…

[story] aunty mim’s lost & found

A lovely mad-lib story by fellow aspiring author.

Jessica A. McMinn

Miriam Sykes had been called many things and not all of them were kind. A witch, a gypsy. Hermit. Lunatic. Satan. But Miriam Sykes was just a woman—a woman who was very good at finding things.

Miriam lived a good twenty minute walk from Sturtville station. Trains didn’t stop there anymore. Well, not trains for moving people anyhow. There weren’t many people left to move in bum-fuck nowhere South Australia. That’s what my brother called Sturtville: bum-fuck nowhere. He wasn’t exactly wrong. Sturtville consisted of opal miners, a high school of about fifty kids, a Woolies, and one sad little servo that sold over-priced fuel. That was our town. Village. Hole-in-the-ground. We didn’t have a lot in Sturtville (more than one doctor, for example) but there was one thing we had that no other place in Australia did. And that was Miriam Sykes.

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