Question via Facebook:
Of all the times in history, which would you like to visit the most?

I don’t know. Time travel never seems to go right. I’d definitely break something or get stuck somewhere. And all the places I might like to visit of the past I am definitely not the right color to be present.

Oda Nobunaga during the Sengoku period fascinates me endlessly. Not only do we share birthdays, but the guy was madly obsessed with uniting the clans of Japan into one single country, he hated religion and burned down a lot of temples (ironic that he died in a fire temple due to betrayal?), he bought a black slave, freed him, and made him a high ranking samurai. He’s known to be one of the most eccentric figures in Japanese history, and I like that. He also collected art. I think we’d get on.

Or the Heian period, where the nobility ignored the starving peasants and held perfume contests, poetry readings (the ancient Japanese version of a rap battle), and wore clothes with over twelve layers, but damn were they pretty. This is like the Rivendell of Japanese history.

I’d love to have met Nikola Tesla and his pigeons, or Edgar Allan Poe and his alcohol (poor guy), Cleopatra, Amelia Earnhardt, Alphonse Mucha, Salvador Dali. I think it’s less I want to time travel and more of I would like to have tea with a bunch of dead people.

Although, I’d love to have tea with a lot of living people too. A topic for another time~!


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