Question via Blog:
Which do you prefer, movies or TV series? Stand alone novels or book series?

There are many answers to this question, and they all boil down to: It depends. Isn’t that frustrating?
I love movies for their limited time to tell a story. Can they utilize that two or three hours to show me a story with a good story and characters? It’s a limited medium, and I love it for that reason. I watch movies more for a story-telling critique.
TV series however have a lot of time to build things up, or repeat gimmicks. They can be endearing or tiresome very quickly. They are fun to watch with my husband, but all too often (especially in modern TV) the world of the internet can drive those show creators to make decisions based on fan outcry, and the show (most of the time) suffers for it. Also, I really like things that end… I don’t like watching TV as a general rule. But a movie I can give some time to and it’s done.
Books. I don’t care if you finish in one book or if it takes you five (six novels and four short stories in the case of The Chronicles of Chrestomanci), if you are telling me a good story with a fantastic hook, can keep that pacing up, and make me invested in your characters you do whatever you need to do.
Short answer: Books over TV or movies any day, then movies, then TV.


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