Does anyone else reward themselves for victories? I have a habit of doing it for things like finishing a stage of a project, or getting a perfect score for my semester grade, or if it’s a bad week–making it to the weekend without crying. Hahaha~ Depression humor~!

My treats are usually a book. I mean, duh. I love books and books in English are in short supply. It will take two or more weeks, but wait I do…and happily. Usually for big things my husband will take me out to dinner somewhere I like (I am super cheap and this is usually chicken wings at Yama chan or hundred yen sushi at Sushi-Ro). If it was a hard week my reward is usually a hot bath and convenient store ice cream. I’m a fancy lady~

After I finish my certification course I plan to reward myself with a tattoo on my right leg to mirror the left. This time a dragon. It’ll be facing my unicorn and it will be awesome.

Never the less, I really think treating yourself to some sort of reward after you reached a milestone is healthy in moderation. It keeps motivation up and continuing after the project completion hype has died off.


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