Question via Facebook:
What snacks or beverages do you prefer when you are writing?

I think I’m in the minority of writers as I do not like wine…I’m sorry *turns in her Adult License*. Also, I’m not an alcoholic. I stick the Ginger Ale and ‘green water’, which is a 50/50 mixture of Green Dakara (a clear Japanese health/sports drink) and water. The Green Dakara alone is too sweet, and I found cutting the two liter bottles with half water to be not only tastier, but also a way to save a bit of money! Yay! On rare occasions I enjoy Dr. Pepper, but it can be hard to find in Japan. Same story with Ovaltine. Oh, Ovaltine, how I miss you and your sixteen essential nutrients and vitamins. Sometimes my brother smuggles it to me from the US, or my husband will order it from Thailand. Why does Thailand get Ovaltine but Japan doesn’t???
As for snacks, I am a cookie monster. Favorite character on Sesame Street because we had so much in common, for I too turn into an unstoppable and wild force when I see cookies. If only Japan had Girl Scout cookies. Mmmm, samoas and thin mints~


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