As I said last week, I’ll be subjecting you to my 30-minute Inktober doodles (made with Lainey) and commentary. Here we go. For October 1st to 3rd, please look here.

4. The Ancient Wisdom of Trees – So, this is the rather threatening speech a tree makes to one of my characters in my novel. It’s an old, ancient language and the rules were a b!tch to make and it’s hell for me to translate it. But it’s not very nice. Elderin is very protective of his Leaves.

5. The Cardinal Directions – This is the one I went over time with. I really love the mythology behind the four great beasts of Chinese culture. And they each relate to a cardinal direction, time of day, season, color, and element. There’s Genbu the black turtle, Seiryu the azure dragon, Suzaku the vermilion phoenix, and Byakko the white tiger.

6. Sunset in Belgravia – I had no idea what to do with this. I googled Belgravia and was still uninspired. So I had a think with the word itself. Belgravia, bell grave, and behold a grave for the bells of forgotten churches, temples, and shrines. Even the gods must rest somewhere.

7. The Early Bird OR the Night Owl – I am a night owl. My husband is an early bird. This is the result of such a union.

8. Woe Is Me! – I keep my mental illnesses no secret, and this came during a particularly rough episode. It was cathartic at least?

9. The Other One of Us in a Fictional Setting – The other one being my partner in crime, the lovely Lainey. Who would be a kickass steampunk pirate captain who don’t take no lip from no one, no how!

10. Fishy Fishy Fishy – Again, there’s the mental illness and I’d just been hurt by someone. And I was feeling particularly used by a friend…

11. Pick a Tarot Card – For this one I chose the four queens of the suits (cups, coins, wands, and swords). These are my interpretations: The Cups Queen is watching, waiting for someone to see what she sees, and full of dreams she doesn’t understand others don’t dream; The Coins Queen is maternal and full of wealth and ready to see it come to fruition; The Wands Queen is someone I see almost willing to be burned by the fire element she’s affiliated with if it will show her more; and The Swords Queen is the most distant of the Queens, she’s ready for battle and has a grip on her reasons to fight. She just has to make a move.

12. Tunnel Vision – Not much to say here except that easy exits aren’t as fun or adventurous.

13. “Burberry Blue Eyes” song by Razorlight – OK, so I have two images for this one. One that is an image I get from the song, and the other is from a line in the song which was the inspiration for my detective zombie novella.

14. Fog Bound – Nothing to add here. But I do think there’s a story I’ll write in there.

15. Robin Williams – One of the closest things I had to a positive adult in my life growing up. He made millions smile and laugh. As a fellow person with mental illness and depression his was a very difficult death for me, and remains so. I wanted to capture the joy he gave me, rather than the sorrow.

16. Fairy Lights – Adventurers are unkind to fairy kind when they need something longer lasting than a fire on a stick, and fairy lights last forever. Though the fairy will never fly again. A small price to pay.

17. A Personal Sigil – JRR Tolkien had one and they’re neat. Try making one. It’s quite fun. Above is actually my name, and below, my pen name.

The final fourteen shall follow next week. Then you are free of quick doodles and artistic wankery.

If you like this content please share it. Likes are very nice, but shares show other people who might interested where to look for me. Thank you so much!

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