…was a lot of fun. I participated with my dear friend and we made our own list of thirty-one themes because, well, we just couldn’t find any pre-existing ones that we liked. Our only rule was it had to be done in thirty minutes. I did go over once–I was just so into it!

So, our themes were (decided by alternating days):
The dream catcher
Ring around the rosie
Self portrait in a fictional setting
The ancient wisdom of trees
The cardinal directions
Sunset in Belgravia

The early bird OR the night owl
Woe is me!

The other one of us in a fictional setting
Fishy fishy fishy

Pick a tarot card (either literally or as a theme)
Tunnel vision

“Burberry Blue Eyes” song by Razorlight
Fog bound

Robin Williams
Fairy lights

A personal sigil
osmic dance

“Primadonna Girl” song by Marina and the Diamonds
On my way to Scarborough Fair

Favorite book character
Keys to the Kingdom

Black and White

The masks around us
All that glitters is gold

“Pictures of You” by The Cure
Cabbagetown Express

Hocus Pocus (movie or phrase)

I’m going to post a few of these over the next weeks. In lieu of journal entries you’ll get some of my art with commentary, if there is any.

1. The Dream Catcher – I dunno, I like the idea of people catching my bad dreams and keeping them in a bug container. Don’t worry, they’re just tranquilized.

2. Ring Around the Rosy – I wanted to avoid plague pictures.

3. Self Portrait in a Fictional Setting & Ocean Eyes – So, the first theme was Ocean Eyes, but it changed to self portrait, and this is what happened when the two combined. Merperson showing me where they live as I show them where I live. And my hat unimpressed because we’re late for an important conversation with some so-and-so.

More to come next week~


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