Question via Twitter:
Cowboys or gunslingers?

Well, both are heavily romanticized…and historically Hollywood has painted ‘cowboys’ to be, well, white men (sorry John Wayne and Clint Eastwood). Cowboys, and girls!, have roots in Mexican traditions called ‘vaquero’ and go back into even older Spanish traditions. So the truth is most of the actual cowboys of history were those darned immigrants, never mind that the land was being settled by them.

Gunslingers on the other hand was a person who fought with a gun, but was perhaps quick to draw. If you know me you’ll know I’m staunchly anti-gun (having encountered the bang-bang end of one up close), but we’re talking about guns that carried one to six shots and took a while to reload (I am assuming). So I have less beef with them, even though the primary purpose of a gun in any age is to kill. And I’m not a big fan of killing.

Winner: Cowboys. I’m so sorry you were always portrayed wrongly and people think buckaroo is English, you wonderful pioneering immigrants.


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