Question via Facebook:
What do you like to write about?

I like fantasy and science fiction a lot (there’s really not a lot of distinction in my opinion). Not as an escape as is so often suggested, but because I believe by looking at problems through another lens we can better understand and perhaps fix them. That lens is fantasy for me. So give me adventure, new races, gods, powers, a bit of romance, character development, and a great story that makes me cry and laugh.

But, I also (much to the annoyance of many) really love discussing religion, politics, current and past events, things which affect humanity, and what is too big for us to even fathom. So those themes and topics will doubtlessly show up in some fashion in my writing. Friendship is also the most important thing in my life. Friendships and relationships feature heavily in my work. As does family, but for the opposite reasons; it intrigues me and I have no idea how or what a family is, but it’s a theme? topic? I like to explore.

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