Question via Facebook :
What are your inspirations?

Answer :
I think I may have answered a question like this, or perhaps this very one, already. So, let’s talk about influences in fields non-writing related.

I really love science being that lucky generation of children to have Beakman’s World and Bill Nye (I list Beakman first because he was my favorite. That hair was a statement.) Science, outer space, technology, possibilities, the human organism in both function and form interest me so much. Which is probably why I like making up my own races rather than those that came before, not that there’s anything wrong with elves, dwarves, orcs, and the like.

I also love history and world religion/mythology (remember, the only difference between them is one still has faithful followers and one is considered ‘stories’ and their followers are lost to time). History and religion are closely tied, I think anyone can see that, and the effect each has on the other fascinates me to no end. Atheist I may be, but religiously-intrigued atheist. And I shall never poo-poo upon anyone’s religion as long as they don’t try to “save” me. Tried it, didn’t do it for me, happier now.

I am endlessly fascinated with other people. I don’t mean tabloid who-married/cheated/divorced-who stuff– I mean, life story and struggles stuff. I really enjoy autobiographies because they let me see someone’s life as I will never experience it. It’s pretty amazing to think the world is bursting with people and no two will have the same story when they reach the end. There are similarities, but never identical. If I were of a sinister, hand-rubbing, maniacal laughter sort it would be a great “social experiment”, although I do have a maniacal laugh… These things are very important. The dichotomy of good vs. evil isn’t nearly as interesting as the decisions flawed people must make daily that can affect one to billions of people. I love gray morals and ethics, though consider myself a pretty good person (as long as I’ve had sleep and coffee or tea).

Anime and manga saved me at a very dark time of my life and continue to be a huge inspiration and impact, especially, Sailor Moon. I am not ashamed to admit that from 8~16 I was a delinquent, although never with substances. No, I pick-pocketed, got into fights off and on-school grounds, knife fights, hot-wired cars, and generally hated humanity. There are of course reasons I understand now for this behavior and I am happy to say I have changed, for the better I think. One of the reasons was in fact, Sailor Moon and the first friend I ever made who introduced the show to me. Though the MC and I are nothing alike, something about her bumbling/ crybaby nature and urge to protect her loved ones no matter how many times she failed or got hurt resonated with 14-year old me. That’s when I realized ‘I want friends, I want people important to me, I want to help them and protect them’. So, I changed my name as an effort to “throw away” the old me, and have been a huge anime/manga advocate since.

I believe any medium can change a person’s life. For me, that change started with Sailor Moon. Although it was a rough ten years still before I would be comfortable speaking with others and communicating my own feelings and thoughts.

And finally, art. Oh, boy, I love art. When I say art I don’t just mean the pictures and sculptures in galleries, though I love those too. Indeed my favorite of the ‘fine artists’ are Mucha, Da Vinci, Gogh, and Dali, but I love the art of nature (plants especially). More than once I have cried from a sunset, seeing a wild animal, or just the colors of changing ginkgo leaves (my favorite tree). Art is everywhere and life is art. I went to university, the first time round, for a degree in Fine Arts. So I have been trained in all the mediums, which I think is also reflected in my writing. I have a very visual writing style, which isn’t always good. I just so badly want the reader to see my world exactly as I’ve made it, but books, like any good, become the user’s when they leave the hands of the creators.

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