And to give you some idea of how bad my anxiety is I have posts queued well through most of January 2018 (with the exception of journal posts because what do I even have to say?).

I have a spreadsheet calendar of days and what needs to be posted on each day of the week, then I get to highlight them when I have queued something. Ah, it is such relief to see that square yellowed in.

But here I am, mid-October, a little freaking out because I only have posts prepared until the end of Janu-freaking-ary 2018. Guys. Anxiety. It’s an asshole.

So I made a tally up of how many posts I need to queue to be prepped through June (I like to pretend I’ll be all right if I’ve prepped half a year.) and it turns out I only need to write 122 posts! Yay…

I am considering making journal posts closer to the actual dates they go live. In any case I have a busy month ahead!

Twenty-one book reviews, twenty-five (maybe) journal entries, twenty-one answers to questions, thirteen quotes (These are easy. I love quotes.), twenty-two writing prompts, and twenty original short stories~!

*rolls up sleeves*

Let’s get dangerous~!

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