Question via FaceBook :
Do you have any moments from your past that you would consider life changing?

Answer :
Phewwwwwwwww. My past. I’m going to skip the childhood period because it depresses me and will probably make people cry (once, in psychology class we had to write an essay on our family upbringing and my prof called me after class, hugged me, and just started bawling. I got an A+! Whoo, trauma is useful!).

So, moments from my post high school graduation life that changed my life:

Being arrested by campus security at my first university because my suite mates had planted a box of glass shards under my bed and told the school I had plans to murder them. Thanks girls! I got kicked out of a full art scholarship religious school basically because they found out I was atheist. What? I really liked the art program there. After that, I was forced to attend military uni, the art program was… not so awesome, but at least I didn’t have to join in on the military lifestyle (I have the utmost respect for soldiers, but not war or the people who run the military).

My first post-rape boyfriend from university one. We decided to date long-distance while I attended university two. He ended up cheating on me nine or so times, I think. Once with someone I had considered a good friend. This relationship lasted four years, because I thought it was all I deserved. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you deserve more. I promise.

Boyfriend after finally breaking up with prior boyfriend. We dated my last year of uni 2. I couldn’t decide what to do. On the one hand, here was this guy I really loved, on the other I had wanted to move to Japan since I was 12. Lo and behold, he made my decision for me by accusing me of stealing pills from him (medical purpose pills), and taking money from me over the course of our relationship. Also, he only ever played DnD, like ever. Not really a romantic weekend to drive 2 hours and sit in his mother’s basement and then go back to uni. DnD players, if you have a significant other, do something with them some time. It’s ok to play, and DnD is fun, it seems (no one ever taught me), but do something else every now and then. Anyways, after he broke up with me I was suicidally depressed for a month, then decided WTF I’ll go to Japan. I sent out 89 resumes in 4 weeks, found a job, and moved to Japan.

Moving to Japan was a big one for tons of reasons. First job was terrible (still love Tokushima though), moved to Ibaraki and got caught in the giant earthquake, moved to Kanagawa and met my future husband, moved in with him five months later in Aichi, got married a year later, and then he got transferred to Osaka (I do not like Osaka). Husband is really the most supportive and kind and fluffy, sweet, guy ever. His favorite animals are bunnies, Dwarf Netherlands to be precise. I mean, that’s how cute he is.

Deciding to finally not speak to toxic people was one of the best decisions of my life, too. It is really hard deciding not to have parents, but I still have all my awesome friends and a little brother who is one of my best friends.

So, lots of life changing moments, a lot have been really hard, but my life is good. I am in a good place mentally and emotionally, now if only I could get made into a cyborg~



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