Question via Tumblr: 
Why do you write so many fairy tales instead of working on full length pieces?

An excellent question! Because, boy, do I have a lot of novels and novellas I need to be writing and/or editing! However, the answer is not clean and short. There are a few reasons I write a lot of fairy tale-esque short stories.

One: I really like fairy tales as a medium of story telling. I enjoy the lyricism and whimsy, especially when combined with some pretty dark, twisted themes or visuals.

Two: Publicity. I have to churn out some work for potential publishers, readers, agents to see. Writing short fiction is a way to give them a sample without spending a year writing a novel.

Three: I can write them fairly quickly. I have little practice in short stories, I actually find them very difficult. It is exceptionally difficult for me to make a world and characters without wanting to explore every facet of the people and setting I’ve made. In fairy tale format I feel a lot less pressure to do that, because hey, sometimes fairy tales are vague as hell and that’s OK.

Four: They’re a medium that feels childish, but can tackle really rough themes and topics. Which many mediums can, of course, but something about putting an uncomfortable topic in whimsy and rhyme makes it more digestible, to me at least.

Five: Practice. I need more practice to get to the stage I am comfortable with short fiction. It’s an important stage for any writer, I think (this is a personal opinion), but all my favorite writers have collections of short stories out, and I’ve enjoyed some of their short fiction more than their novels. I want to get to the ability where I am writing fluent enough to tackle any length and any topic. Fairy tales are helping me get there.


That being said, I do hope you enjoy them. I will crank out some non-whimsy eventually, just bear with me until I level up my writing ability, although fairy tales are no cake walk to write either.



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