So, I have two tattoos at the moment.

A crescent moon (Yay, Sailor Moon!) with 夢 in the center, which means dream, and yes, I’m sure. I was already studying Japanese and kanji for 3-4 years when I got that one. I got the tattoo right at the end of high school, my best friend and I went together to get one (different designs) knowing life would take us in different directions and we’d likely not be spending much time together. We’re still best friends even though she’s in the US and I in Japan. Hey, Lainey.

She decided one tat was enough, but no, I wanted more. Although it wasn’t until a decade and a half later until I’d get tattoo two. It took a while to design and then color and commit to spending that amount on it. I shopped around at a few places in Osaka and settled on Mo Tattoo (A+ by the way if you’re looking for a tattoo in Osaka, Japan). It took 3 sessions and around 9 hours, but it was a tattoo with all the things I love and on my worse of the two legs, so now that my leg is blinged I hate it a little less. (weird smudges were because this is a panorama shot of my calf)


Now, I have plans for tattoo 3, which will likely be a dragon facing the unicorn on the opposite leg, because they are both legs terrible at being legs.

How about you out there? Like ’em or hate ’em? Got any?


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