Goodness gracious, how time flies (I am officially old for using that phrase).

My 5th year wedding anniversary was August 13th. And boy, gift giving is hard. We give each other presents all year round, so how to make anniversary and birthdays more special?

I’ve considered prescription sunglasses, because he drives a lot for work, but that’s more something I’d want to let him pick out, and the whole eye exam bit.
‘Why are we doing this?’
‘Oh, no reason. By the by, which sunglasses frames do you like best?’
Not exactly subtle.

He likes strange tie clips… but he has about six. Does he really need or want more?

I thought about a nice charging dock and bluetooth speaker for his home office, with a build it memo and pen holder. That seems nice and useful, and something our cat will definitely destroy.

I’m leaning toward, and I know it’s probably not the best, an antiqued map of the word on a cork board, with pins for places we’ve traveled and another color for places we want to go. Since we’re an interracial and international couple we do travel quite a bit, coming from opposite sides of the planet. And he has no decoration in his home office, AND, it’d be out of reach of the tiny-armed terror (our munchkin cat).

Gift giving is hard if the person doesn’t read/enjoy books.


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