So, it’s June 23rd as I write this and so, it’s my birthday! Well, it’s now 11:30 pm, but most everything is done with, but it was a spectacular day.

My plan was to sleep until 10 am, reads books, and do nothing.

My husband however had different plans. He had made a reservation in Kobe to do something…but would not tell me what. It entailed me having to get dressed though and I was, I admit, less than happy. In my defense, Wednesday and Thursday work exhausts me and so I am usually dead all day Friday.

Well, off we went to Kobe, an hour and a half by car, at least no trains and buses. Bless him, he hates driving. We end up in Harborland in Kobe and the husband presents tickets he reserved for a dinner cruise with live music. Aw, he’s a sweetie.

We had a lovely French dinner with many foods I can’t name because they were in Japanese’d-French so…. yeah…. reading a foreign language in a foreign language is where I draw my language line. But it was all spectacular and we were at the bow so we had a lovely view.

I even got some other presents from him… cause a musical cruise isn’t enough??? A mariner’s compass paperweight, a ship’s wheel bookmark, a Vivienne Westwood (my one and only favorite brand) star orb necklace (I really like stars), and an Aggressive Retsuko DVD (which he gave me before we left).

So, now I am home. I shall shower. And I shall sleep. Saturday we do nothing!

I will most definitely lie and end up writing, editing, or drawing names for his graphic novel.

Another year forward!

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