Question via Facebook : Tips and tricks to help keep you motivated?

Answer : An ever tricky question. I’m a pretty self-motivated person who knows no one else is going to make my dreams come true (Disney’s Princess and the Frog one of my favorite animated films forever).

However, fear not, there are ways to help you keep chugging along!

1. Timers: Set a timer for however much free time you have and just word vomit until that timer says time over.

2. Nerdy, yes, but self-made experience bars. Mostly useful for the first draft if you have an outline, or revision stages. Once you know how much the whole content will take up you can divide that into percentages or parts and make a bar you can color in every time you reach a milestone.

3. Treat yo’self! Really, writing is really difficult. It uses a lot of energy and a lot of yourself. Reward yourself when you hit milestones. Finished a short story? Get yourself an ice cream. Just finished revisions on chapter eighteen of your novel’s manuscript? Buy yourself that nice shirt you’ve been eyeing.

Of course, this is as budget/ funds allow, but rewards can also be break time.

4. Break time. Let yourself have bad days when you don’t write anything. It’s OK.

5. Memos/ cell phone notes/ journals. Keep these things nearby. The best line could strike at any time. Be sure to write it down. You will not remember it. Trust me.

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