(Author’s Note : It’s ACTUALLY July 3rd now. After discovering inserting a ‘read more’ ate everything inside that read more I had to redo every post which included a read more. Hahahah Hades, help me!)

So, technically it’s May 22nd, but as you may discover along reading I have a bit of a “don’t be late” anxiety, let’s call it “White Rabbit Syndrome”, that sounds much better.

And rather than making an actual Fourth of July post (Happy Independence, USA, you did good at the murder thing) (disclaimer: Is an American, albeit emigrant) I thought I would go ahead and give you a little more information about me, and what to expect here.

So, the homesite is currently hosted on wordpress, and you may be viewing the content on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook, I do believe I have everything plugged in and properly ready to automate the system… I hope. If not, I’ll call younger brother, who is rather a genius at all of this technical stuff.

As for me, I am S.W. Wildwood (the S and the W are for Serena Wyndelin, but bother all, that is a terribly long URL). The short version of my life: I was born in California, and moved to a plethora of places, such as, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, England, and Germany, before my family resettled in the USA. I graduated university and fled in 2008 to Tokushima, Japan, where I taught English. After 10 months there I moved to Tsukuba, then Yokohama, then Nagoya, and at last (thanks to my husband’s business transfer) we are currently in Osaka. I do not like Osaka. I like green things and trees and flowers and breathable air.

I live in with husband and cat. Cat is Mucha, named after my favorite artist (art grads are obnoxious, aren’t we?), Alphonse Mucha. Mucha, the cat, however, is not as elegant or graceful as her namesake, most likely this is because she is a munchkin cat and has little fluffy stubs where her proper feline legs ought to be. But, for her lack of grace, she is very cute, and she knows it.

My current writing project is Echomancer, a two years in the writing, fifteen years in the thinking, project. It’s entering the final revision stages, and I’m very excited to see how it’s received.

It bubbles down to the story of a thief who should not have taken the job, but now she’s stuck with it. If you’d like more summary, or, gasp! Want to beta read for me contact me, please. I could always use more feedback for my baby novel.

Best wishes,
S.W. Wildwood

P.S. My favorite colors are purple, teal, pink, and white. Very important information to have on a person.

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