24513895(link to the book if you click the cover)

Almega throws Ani to earth to rot and die in the body of a man. Simon finds him first, and shows him how to exchange his decrepit body for a new one. Ani thinks he is the best guide an exiled angel can have. But Simon is shrewd and wants Ani to help him get back the thing Almega has taken from him: his wings.

When Ani falls in love with Sarah, he does not know she is the key to a banished one’s survival and the reason he forfeited his wings in the first place. Ani has to resist Sarah in ways he cannot, and somehow save her from the one creature who wants to use her up: Simon.

Review : 
A fine novella. It has some great takes on religion and morality in general. Although the character voices never really gave the life I wanted to read to their characters, indeed Simon felt the most well-rounded. Which was unfortunate.

I think with another round of really tough character development and finding their voices this could be really spectacular.

The story is really fascinating, albeit repetitive at times, but it accomplishes being “religious” without being “preachy”. Well done.

Would love to read it as a full novel.

3 thoughts on “A Perpetual Mimicry; K.P. Ambroziak

    1. It was just such an interesting premise, without giving away spoilers, it was hard to be satisfied with the ending I was given CAUSE IT WAS JUST GETTING GOOD!!!!


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